Ladies, be Proactive! Eat to Increase Bone Density Now

Osteoporosis is a term we hear and shrug off as a disease that inevitably comes with age. Women (and even men) can take proactive measures within their diet to increase bone density as aging occurs. Use this list of foods to increase bone density now!

Increase Fruit and Vegetable Intake by 100%: Benefits of Homemade Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies

Americans are only taking in 50% of their daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Including homemade fruit and vegetable smoothies can provide up to half of that recommendation while also providing other key health benefits.

Transform Your Artery-Clogging Pizza Into a Superfood Pizza By Adding The Healthiest Vegetables

The typical American prefers pepperoni and sausage pizza. If America is interested in shifting into a healthier lifestyle, then we need to think about adding some of the healthiest vegetables as pizza toppings instead.

Bifido! Lacto! Strepto! Oh My! Get Creative with These 5 Fermented Foods for Supercharged Gut Health

Probiotics play a key part in many facets of our health. Emerging science has shown many foods contain these helpful bacteria. Here are 5 foods to incorporate into your healthy diet for strong gut health.

4 Amazingly Healthy Reasons to Try Low Carb Ice Cream

Low carb ice creams are taking the dessert world by storm with brands like Halo Top, Arctic Zero, and Ben and Jerry’s. These new ice creams can replace your traditional ice cream as a healthy alternative. Read on for 4 reason to try low carb ice cream.

Fatigue? Muscle Weakness? 5 Easy Foods to Address Potassium Deficiency

Potassium has a history of being under-eaten among Americans. This important mineral is often overlooked and under-represented in today’s convenience food world. Learn 5 easy foods to address potassium deficiency.

Why Beets Can’t be Beat: 2 New Studies on the Health Benefits of Beets

While not a very common household name, the many health benefits of beets have been published in the nutritional science world for years. Take a look into what some of the most recent studies say about this root vegetable.

Save Yourself from Disease: Why You Should Start Eating More Fiber Now

Fiber is an unsung hero for its benefits to stave off and prevent disease.

Why Other Leafy Greens Are Just As Awesome As Kale

Kale has been flooding our nutrition media for years now. Here’s why you don’t need this green to live a healthy life.

Dieting is Dangerous: 3 Healthy Ways to Achieve Weight Loss Without Dieting

Dieting has quick weight loss benefits for many, but is not healthy long-term.